From: “Chris”

Re: King STD height springs and Koni Shocks – 2008 WRX

HOLY CRAP! I am so unbelievably impressed with them. They feel great for the 4 days worth of driving I have on them now. The suspension feels more articulate and I am fully pleased with the front and rear spring rate. The ride is sporty yet supple and comfortable with a softer Koni setting, but can still feel tight and aggressive if I crank the Koni’s up. Granted, I couldn’t care less about that! Best of all, my wife is willing to ride in the WRX again!

Despite being a function before form sort of guy, the ride height “looks” and feels perfect.

Thanks again for your feedback and recommendation.

ChrisUp-rated King Spring KSRS-29 installed on 05 OBXT





GLAD YOU LIKE the SETUP CHRIS.  Our King STANDARD HEIGHT and RAISED HEIGHT SPRINGS get a lot of rave reviews, in many applications, but that one seems especially good!  Now that KONI also has a full front strut available and not just the INSERT, it makes it all that much easier too…    Pe