Skidplate Thank you Letters

Joe H – 2004 WRX

I got my plate Tuesday and its already saved my A** twice, thanks for the fast service and the great item. If i had a decal i rep that thing hard on my ride…

Can’t wait to do more business with you. Thanks,

Nyssa J – 2008 WRX

Your skid plate probably saved my car from being totaled by insurance. This was the best $199 I could have spent on my car. Thank you!

Unfortunately it wasn’t during off road fun – my bf had my car (no one else is driving my car save me after this) and was making a u turn with a green light. A truck came from the right running his yield. There’s no shoulder on this road, just a huge curb and paver rocks for a median so my car ended up on top of the median, which is like 2 and a half feet above the road.

The skid plate, radiator support, down pipe and entire exhaust from turbo back were scraped and dented… One of the coilovers nearly went through the strut tower and all four corner links were replaced. But like I said, that skid plate saved the engine from even a scratch.

She runs like a dream, again 🙂

I have your differential plate, too but I have yet to put it on. After that accident I’m making it a priority. 🙂

Thanks again; hopefully my story is better next time.

And note that we have received one letter from an INSURANCE COMPANY thanking us for saving an engine and a several thousand dollar claim. They happily bought the customer a new skidplate….. If you have a good PRIMITIVE story, be sure to send it along with any pictures to: We always like to hear from our customers and share stories when we can.   03-08 forester skidplate after taking a large hit-customer photo Customer studies his well used WRX Skidplate from PRIMITIVE Takes a licking.... 03-08 forester skidplate after taking a large hit-customer photo Takes a licking....