Finally, an affordable RALLY DRIVING SCHOOL where you can learn the basics of rally driving and car control in a safe and incredibly fun environment. If you have never slid your car around a slippery corner, or have experimented some but want to learn the secrets of the pro’s, this school is for YOU! If you want maximum SEAT TIME for lowest dollar cost, here it is. If you just want one of the absolutely BEST weekends of your life, this is it. We have graduated over 700 students and nearly every one says that the school was one of the best experiences of their lives. A few of the women students sheepishly admit that driving the perfect pendulum turn really is “better than sex”. And many come back to repeat the class next year.

Unlike many schools, our instructors focus upon your unique driving style, then help you to refine your skills to improve your driving. We encourage but do not demand left-foot braking. We help you to improve turn-in points, hand position, how to look ahead, and how to control a big, long slide using car balance techniques. Even better, we ENCOURAGE students to use their own, appropriate, car to save money (Subaru’s of all flavors, Fords like Fiesta & Focus, Mazda’s, etc and not lowered Camaro’s or Nissan 300Z’s.) But we do also have a limited number of seats in our fleet of RENTAL CARS (generally older, Subaru like Impreza). The school takes place on a BIG, open grassy flat field.


RallyThe format is typically a 2.5 day school, in various places around the country (see current schedule) with 4-5 hour GROUND SCHOOL (classroom) on Friday night at the host hotel (headquarters).  We go over basics like understeer, apex points, and rally terms like “slippy maybe” and everyone gets a goody bag and course book filled with details on how to get into rallying. Then 8 hours of DRIVING INSTRUCTION on Saturday with an instructor.  The day is divided into EXERCISES that you get to repeat over and over again like a SKIDPAD or our LAUNCH exercise until you have mastered it.  At LUNCH, you will pair up with another student or a NAVIGATOR student and we put on a MINI STAGE RALLY, that then takes you off-site to a lunch spot.  You then have to navigate back to the site and continue your exercises until the GRADUATION RUNS in the late afternoon, where we record times and let you see how you stack up to the other students.  We break down at 5pm and usually head to a local watering hole for some down time, bench racing and story telling.  Sunday is a real, SCCA RallyCross competition at the same site where you will register, tech, walk the course, and compete with TIMED RUNS along with locals to give you a taste of real competition.

We provide loaner helmets for the weekend, but have helmets available for sale if you want one of your own.  We also can make the weekend more memorable with a PRIMITIVE RACING TEAM  T-Shirt (yellow or black) or new BLACK HOODIE!


When:  Tentative: Aug 31-Sept 2  or  more likely Oct 12-14th, 2018
Where: Santa Rosa, CA (NORCAL)
HQ likely to be new Hampton Inn  Petaluma or Best Western Garden Inn  (groundschool would be there Friday at 4:45pm)

GROUP RATE  TBA    Other hotels are in the area as well.  America’s Best Value, Redwood Inn, and shady Motel 6’s

DRIVING School will be held at SONOMA County Fairgrounds on EAST side off of Brookwood Parkway  in Santa Rosa.   Early Registration is $495.      Early Registration ends Sept 10th!

Here is the list of REGISTERED STUDENTS, if you are not on here, you are not yet in the school.  PAYMENT gets you in the school.   CALL to discuss 503-624-2139


Students in our RENTAL CARS (5MT)


NAVI STUDENTS: none so far…

INSTRUCTORS:  Gleb-S, Tyler-M, Jay-M, KrisJon-L, Josh-R, Jason-C

HELPERS: Lisa-S, D’John; Thomas-R, Donnie-S, Joe-L

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From WEBSITE, type “SCHOOL” into search area to pull up the REGISTRATION page to add options and make payment (if you don’t opt to make payment when directed there after hitting the SIGN UP NOW button above.)


2018  Coming “soon”

2016 NORCAL:   2016 04 17 Santa Rosa RallyCross Results v1 (CLICK on BLUE LINK)

Graduation runs: Graduation Runs NorCal 2016   (CLICK on LINK)

When:  FALL 2018  TBA
Where: Chehalis, WA  or possibly HILLSBORO (new site)
HQ Hotel will be  determined once site is secured.

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Here is a LINK to a scan of the GRADUATION RUNS OR/WA:   

CALL or EMAIL if you have any questions.   or 503-624-2139


Who: Open to all licensed drivers, at all levels of rally and driving experience, with emphasis on BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE levels. Personalized instruction is available
What: Three days of instruction starting with about 5 hours of classroom training on Friday night (approx 5pm-10:15pm) with short breaks. TSD (Time/Speed/Distance) and DRIVING exercises on Saturday with a full RallyCross competition on Sunday. All driving in a large, open, safe field.
When: Friday (4:45-10:15pm) CLASSROOM GROUND SCHOOL
Saturday (7:45am-5:20pm) Driving School at LARGE FIELD
Sunday (8am-5pm) RALLYCROSS Competition EVENT in same field
Where: Next schools are  Santa Rosa, CA and then Chehalis, WA

Fee: Early Registration is LESS if paid by check. (MORE by paypal or CC) click links above or call  503-624-2139
Regular registration (typical price):$525     $475 NORCAL  (early entry)  $425 OR/WA (early entry)
Send checks to: Primitive Enterprises
9460 SW Tigard ST Ste 104
Tigard, OR 97223 Phone: (503) 624-2139
Send PayPal payments to:    Add $5 for PayPal/convenience fee
Plan to bring:

  • Notebook and Pen and small CALCULATOR o Old towels (feet, windshields, etc.)
  • Digital Watch or clock (TSD exercise) o Helmet (Snell 2000 or later) if you have one, or we have loaners
  • Bottle of Water and a snack bar o Rain Slicker (depending on weather)
  • Shoes that can get muddy o Extra pair of socks if wet and T-shirt if hot
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses (weather permitting) o Some cash for lunch
  • Waterproof box or duffle to keep stuff dry while driving if raining (tarp?)
  • Questions you have always had about driving, navigating, rally, or car control
  • Willingness to listen and learn

Nearby hotels:
For the April 28-30, 2017 School at Sonoma County Fairgrounds there is:
Courtyard by Marriott (175 Railroad St, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
(707) 573-9000) and we will get GROUP RATE there as well.  $xxx/night ask for PRIMITIVE RALLY SCHOOL group rate.

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