Cusco LSD Diff Oil 80/90 GL5 Heavy Duty

Cusco LSD Differential Oil 80/90w GL5 1-liter can

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Cusco Limited Slip Differential Oil is made for clutch type LSD's (Limited Slip Differentials) and contains the friction modifiers to keep the cones and disks lubricated and providing consistent lock up and release.   The best fluid for the best diffs.  GL5 rated.  Available in 80/90 and 80/145w   We use a Cusco 1.5way front and 2.0 way rear in our Sti Rallycar.

 Cusco Front LSD for 6MT

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Rally ProvenStand up to heat and abuse
Up-GradedBetter than what you get at dealer or Jiffy Lube...
Extremely RuggedGood stuff!



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