King Raised Springs 2003-2008 Forester

  • Perfect for the every day daily driver or the off road enthusiast!
  • The Raised Springs will lift this car  1.2" Front and 1.3" Rear
  • KSFR-32SP, KSRR-43

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King Spring Features and Advantages:


        • Low Impact on CV Joints and Axles
          • Lifting your Vehicle using only King Raised Height Springs without the addition of “strut top lift spacers” will result in much less trouble with CV axles, when compared with “strut top spacer lift kits”.
          • Putting a tall lift spacer (1.25” or taller) on top of your strut will allow your axles to go well beyond their intended range of movement.
          • The front axles on Subarus are at a pretty steep angle when stock so the cheap aftermarket axles have low success rates, new OEM or Re-manufactured are the only good replacement options. It makes for expensive maintenance if your “strut top spacer lift kit” is constantly damaging expensive to replace axles.


        • Reduces sway and body roll
          • Improves your vehicles on-road handling capability, especially after you raise your cars center of gravity from lifting it.


        • Helps prevent the car from bottoming out
          • This is paramount for towing or when equipped with roof top or bumper mounted accessories such as tents, bikes, kayaks, spare tires, gas can, ect.
          • There's no worse feeling than being all loaded up, hitting a bump and bottoming out your suspension. The “strut top spacer” lift kits that are really popular at the moment might make your car look cool cruising around town empty, but they have no provisions to compensate for the extra weight of all the gear you want to take with you on your camping trip, over landing adventure or when hitting the trail.


        • Designed for street and off-road use
          • King Springs are slightly stiffer than your stock springs


        • Compatible with and will compliment OEM, KYB struts


Why are King Springs sometimes slightly shorter then my OEM ones?:


        • King Springs in both standard and raised height are often shorter than the springs they are replacing. This is because they won't be compressed as far under the initial "pre-load" it takes to get to their "installed height"


King Springs Quality, Innovation and Integrity:


        • King Springs are designed, manufactured and tested by King Spring in their state of the art facility in Australia
          • This insures quality and consistency over “privately branded” springs that outsource the actual manufacturing.


        • King Spring only uses X5K material
          • X5K is a new generation high strength steel that with-stands higher operating stresses and has superior resistance to sag, improved toughness and improved corrosion fatigue properties
          • King Springs are coiled with computer control to an extremely tight tolerance then Hardened, Tempered, Shot Peened and Phosphate coated before being Epoxy powder coated to achieve the most durable finish and ultimate corrosion protection


        • King Springs Manufacturing Process and Quality Management System is AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Certified



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