Front Skid Plate 2004-2005 Forester XT

  • Choose between the thinner 1/8" or thicker 3/16".
  • Need longer spacers for low hanging aftermarket headers?
  • Choose if you want the oil change access holes or Stinger Tail option.
  • Eligible for our "Full Body Armor" and "Triple Armor" discounts when multiple Skidplates are purchased together.
  • Fits 2004-2005 Forester XT Models.

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  • 1/8" Sport Thickness
  • 3/16" Rally Tough!
  • Add Oil Holes Extra $20
  • Add Stinger Tail Extra $55
  • No Thanks!

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Primitive Skidplates offer the best protection for the underside of your car, they are rally proven, tough enough for off-road abuse or to save you from that random piece of debris laying in the middle of the freeway.

  • Made From 5052 Aluminum.
  • Polished Finish.
  • Offers full protection of the underside of the engine.
  • Rear edge of the plate is up-turned so if you have to reverse over something it won't get hung up.
  • Improves aerodynamics and airflow.
  • Does not reduce radiator or cooling system efficiency.


The 1/8" plate is mainly for a replacement/upgrade of the stock plastic splash sheild after it or it's attachment hardware have been broken or lost. Recommended when only driving on snow covered paved roads, gravel roads and some very light off-roading, It will save the oil pan in the event of the unexpected but repeated abuse will cause it to de-form and will decrease it's effectiveness.

  • 1/8" Plate weighs 14.5lbs

The 3/16" is the most popular, if you have any doubt about if you're even getting extreme enough off-road to warrant the added protection we automatically recommend getting the 3/16".  The added cost and weight over the 1/8" is very minimal, but the one time you need it, it pays for itself.  We also recommend it for any vehicle participating in Rallycross.

  • 3/16" Plate weighs 17.5lbs

Oil Change Access Hole:

The Oil Change Access option gives you the ability to change your oil with out removing the Skidplate, it is a 2.5" round hole that gives you access to the drain plug and a 4.5" round hole that gives access to the oil filter.  For more info read this article:

**Not available with Stinger Tail option**

Stinger Tail:

The Stinger Tail option makes the plate double thickness in the most critical area, under the Oil Pan, it also recesses the heads of the rear mounting bolts taking them out of the stream of debris.

  • Adds 3lbs on 3/16" plates
  • Adds 2lbs on 1/8" plates

**Not available with oil hole option**

Header Spacers:

If you have an Aftermarket Exhaust manifold or "Headers" that hang much lower than the stock exhaust manifold you may need longer spacers and hardware to mount the skidplate, add the header spacer option.

**Will decrease ground clearance compared to normal configuration skidplate** 

Don't see what you need? Need something else or have a question about the product? Give us a call at 503-624-2139 or email at

Data sheet

Rally ProvenYes
Extremely RuggedYes
Made by PRIMITIVE proudly in the USAYes
Hardware IncludedYes
Installation Instructions IncludedYes
Bolts to Existing Threaded Holes in The BodyYes
Replaces Factory Plastic UndertrayYes
No Drilling!Yes
Simple InstallationYes



Install Instructions FS5

Install Instructions Front Skidplate 5

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