STILO DG-10 Intercom amp

• The best digital  Stilo audio quality.

• Bluetootch Intergration.

• Camera and Radio connection

• Powered by 12volts.

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Stilo DG-10 Digital Intercom

Noise Cancelling may seem like a gimmick, but the way this works will massively help reduce fatigue for both the driver and co-driver during a rally weekend, no yelling and no constant high decibels. 

  • Dramatic step forward with active digital noise cancelling.
  • Seperates crew communication from excessive engine, transmssion and road noises with milisecond precision.
  • 3 Noise cancelling settings.

Other Key Features:

  • Driver and co-driver volume controls.
  • Backlit keypad for easy operation during night stages.
  • Stage/Road mode (stage: camera on, phone off)
  • Start and end call via Bluetooth.

Compatible with: WRC DES, Trophy DES Plus, ST5R, Venti WRC, Venti Trophy, Bell MAG-10 "Zero Noise" Helmets. 




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