Fire Extinguisher 1A10BC


  • ABC Fire Extinguisher
  • Red with standard single strap
  • Works well with our seat bracket (sold separately)
  • Rally Legal (hill climbs and autocross too)
  • RATED: 1A10BC

    Amerex B417 1A10BC Marine Grade Fire Extinguisher with a metal nozzle and metal Coast Guard approved mount that can be mounted horizontal or vertical position.  We use this extinguisher with an optional double metal band mount with our Fire Extinguisher seat bracket in our rally car to position the extinguisher perfectly under the front edge of the co driver’s feet so it is out-of-the-way but easily accessible if ever needed.  Can easily move from car to car too.  Optional dual strap mount is just the ticket for your rally or hill climb car or any vehicle that takes some hard hits and you need a really secure mount for the extinguisher.



    Extinguish Agent Type:

    Dry Chemical

    Discharge Time:

    10 Seconds