Monit G-100+ GPS Rally Computer


• Highly accurate GPS system
• Easy to set up and operate
• Add up to 2 foot switches

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    This latest version of the G-100+ rally computer from Monit features even more accurate speed and distance thanks to a more powerful GPS/GNSS+ satellite engine. The G-100 has all the essential features required for International level rallying and is ideal for teams that do not require a fuel function or for clubman competitors who want the simple installation offered by GPS.

    • Unrivalled GPS accuracy even in difficult environments
    • Easy to navigate display menu
    • A traditional speed sensor can be used as well as GPS. If the signal is lost the software automatically switches to speed sensor input. Ideal for long tunnels
    • Accepts up to 2 foot switches for remote operation

    The G-100+ features two distance counters which can be individually cleared or preset to any value. It also includes current and maximum speed readouts, a built in stopwatch and a performance timer. The easy to navigate display can be switched to show in Miles or Kilometres

    Up to two remote foot switches can be fitted and used to clear trips, freeze or pause counters, or control other features as required.

    Dimensions: 116 x 57 x 20mm. Screen size: 2.9″ diagonal
    Weight: 100g.

    Note: To enable the GPS functionality of the G-100+ an antenna must be purchased. The correct antenna can be purchased.

    Screen Size:

    2.9" diagonal

    Miles of Kms


    Vehicle Performance Timers:


    Total Distance:

    yes, 5 digit

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