Cusco Front or REAR LSD 1.5way


Cusco Heavy Duty Clutch-type LSD  Type RS (for comptetition)

Transfers more power to the wheels that have grip.

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    Cusco makes some cool stuff.  These LSD (Limitied Slip Differentials)  are no exception. Strong, long-lasting, functional and rugged.

    Heavy duty steel construction.  Replaces the factory Viscous limited slip unit in Impreza/WRX and STi front and rear differentials.  Specify which diff it is going into (and if front or rear)  Center Diffs are also available.  Can also order in 1-way (accel only lock up) or full competition 2-way configuration.  Can also get the MZ type (see

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    Rally Proven


    Extremely Rugged

    No Drilling!

    Simple Installation