STI and 5x114 4-Pot Brake DOWNSIZE Conversion Kits

  • Genuine Subaru 4-Pot Front Calipers.  
  • Allows 15" Gravel Spec Wheels to be run.
  • Calipers are Red.
  • Includes 4 slide pins, 2 silencer clips and 4 caliper bolts. 
  • Choose pad and rotor options.
  • Fits: 2004-2019 STI, 15-19 WRX.


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  • Our kits contains everything you needed for 2004-2016 STi and 15-16 WRX owners to "down size" their Brakes so they can run 15" gravel wheels or a smaller wheel/taller snow tire for the winter without a big  loss in braking performance.  This is the exact setup found on our 2008 STi Rallycar, so if it's good enough for us to race on you know its a good setup for the street, off-road or rallycross!


  • 4-pot Front calipers won't fit with a "normal" 15" wheel you'll need "motorsport" wheels like our Team Dynamics Pro Rally, they will fit under most "normal" 16" and larger wheels but in some cases a small wheel spacer will be needed. 


  • **Brake dust sheilds may need to be modified or removed.**


  • Don't forget to upgrade your brake lines and fluid when you install your new parts. We stock the full Motul lineup and G-Stop brake lines to complete your install.


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