Whiteline Com 'C' Camber/Caster Adjustable Front Strut Top

Heavy Duty Front Strut tops that add Camber and Caster adjustment depending upon how they are installed (orientation)

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  • 90-04 Leg/Outback, 93-07 Impreza, 98-09 Forester, all Baja, 2010-18 Leg/OB
  • 08-14 Impreza, 2005-09 Leg/Outback, 09-14 Forester, 13-17 Crosstrek

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  • Made using higher durometer rubber (stiffer) so that the strut unit deflects less under normal use and can stand up to big hits and jumps.
  • These tops are made with the strut mount bearing off-set making them adjustable.
  • Add 3/4 of a degree of caster.
  • Add or remove up to a 1/2" degree of camber.
  • Great for cars pushing the lift limits of a Subaru whether LIFTED or LOWERED.

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Rally ProvenYes
Extremely RuggedYes
Installation Instructions IncludedYes
Simple InstallationYes



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