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  • $89.95

    High Technolgy Wiring Looms with heavy duty relays and switches.  Made for a pair of H3 lamps. SORRY the Model 22050 H4 wiring looms are no longer available

  • $299.95

    High Technolgy Halogen Driving Lamp.  Contains two 7" H3 lamps and wiring including a switch.  Made of real steel and real glass (no plastic crap).  Fits 2002-03 WRX Fog Lamp openings with our "L" bracket accessory (sold separately).  The 85 watt bulbs are as bright as a traditional 135w race bulb.  Perfect for a night rallycross or for full-on STAGE RALLY!

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

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