Muteki SR-48 Lug Nuts

Qty = set of 20 17mm Hex DEEP or splined short lug nuts.  We stock most popular colors but can order a variety of other colors.  Comes with 19mm to 17mm adapter or you can just use a deep 17mm socket for the long ones, which is nice.  Short comes with splined "tuner" socket. M12 x 1.25

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A set of 17mm Hex deep, open end lugnuts. black, red, blue, titanium and a few wild colors available  These are long and stick out aggressively on the Team Dynamic wheels.  Comes with a 19mm to 17mm adapter socket or you can just use a deep 17mm socket for the long lugnuts, which is nice.   p/n 50BV30    Also available as 34mm SHORT tuner lugnut for a more subtle look with most wheels like Team Dynamic Pro Rally.  The tuner short nuts, do use a special splined "tuner" socket which is provided.

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Rally ProvenYes
Extremely RuggedYes
Simple InstallationReplaces factory lugnuts with thinner 17mm head ones


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