Turbo Restrictor

Made for VF series turbos, may fit other turbos with ~50mm inlet.

CNC machined aluminum.

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  • 32mm I.D. for PGT class
  • 33mm I.D. for FIA Classes
  • 34mm I.D. for Open and SP classes
  • 36mm I.D. for ARA Limited 4WD

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Designed on CAD/CAM with finite element analysis (FEA).  Flows well.  Has set screw groove on backside for "scrutineer sealing" purposes we supply with an o-ring in the groove it to help secure it into the mouth of the turbo.  Comes anodized. Choose 33mm for international and FIA events or 34mm for "Open" and "SP" classes, 36mm for ARA "limited 4WD" with lower boost limit, can also make 32mm for Canadian "Production 4WD" cars.

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Data sheet

Rally Provenpasses tech inspection
Made by PRIMITIVE proudly in the USAwell, we have a guy with cool machinery make it...
No Drilling!Slides into place in VF-series turbo
Simple Installationyes, if you have a silicone intake hose...



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