STi 4-pot Gravel Front Rotor

Gravel Rotor

DBA 4-pot front rotor for STi brake downsize.

Sold individually.

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Often called "Group N Brakes" or "Gravel Brakes", this rotor was for many years difficult to find and purchase, luckily those days are over.  This rotor is exactly what you need to complete your brake conversion on your 2004-2016 STi.  It is dual drilled with both 5x100 and 5x114 bolt patterns, has the internal dimensions to fit over the slightly bigger hub the STi's all have and the outer dimensions to fit in the mighty red Subaru/Sumitomo 4-pot calipers.

If you're trying to fit 15" wheels on your STi this is the rotor you need.

**4-pot calipers won't fit with a "normal" 15" wheel you'll need "motorsport" wheels like our Team Dynamics Pro Rally, they will fit under most "normal" 16" and larger wheels but in some cases a small wheel spacer will be needed.**

On top of being dimensionally correct they are also extremly High quality far exceeding the performance of rotors previously available for this application.

  • 'Kangaroo Paw' pillar vane venting increases heat dissipation and heat distribution through the rotor. Better heat management means longer wear and better braking performance
  • Rotors are front vented just like the Subaru GpN version. This draws in cooling air from outside the vehicle.
  • Additional mass increases thermal capacity and cooling rate. That means less fade and longer life
  • Proprietary high carbon alloy used by DBA is specifically designed for high performance use to provide ideal friction and wear characteristics.
  • Heat treatment process strengthens iron for resisitance to cracking and warping.

Data sheet

Rally Provenyep, long-lasting
Extremely Ruggedgood quality metal
Manufactured inAustralia



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