VF Series Turbo Restrictor


  • Made for VF series
  • Meets current ARA standards
  • CNC machined aluminum.
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Designed on CAD/CAM with finite element analysis (FEA).  Flows well.  Has set screw groove on backside for “scrutineer sealing” purposes we supply with an o-ring in the groove it to help secure it into the mouth of the turbo.

  • 30mm ARA Novice
  • 32mm CARS Production 4wd and Open 2WD
  • 33mm 2023 ARA Open, L4WD and FIA Group N
  • 34mm 2022 ARA Open (2023 ARA Open Regional)
  • 36mm 2022 ARA L4WD (2023 ARA L4WD Regional)