StopTech 4-Pot Sport Performance Front Brake Pads


• Good for Autocross, Rallycross, light Rally and Track use.
• Excellent Actuation, Modulation and Release.
• Lab-Developed Formulas with Strong Initial Bite.
• Scorched to Raise Initial Cold Effectiveness.
• Fits: 2006-2007 WRX 4-Pot Calipers

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    These are theStopTech 4-Pot Sport Performance Front Brake Pads. They are excellent OEM replacement performance street brake pads that will meet OEM requirements in terms of lasting quality but will exceed OEM requirements in performance. StopTech engineered these brake pads for the daily-driven vehicle with validated friction formulations to develop a low-dust pad with a quiet operation that is perfect for those who have to daily commute their vehicles but offer great stopping performance for the occasional spirited drive.


    Brake Pad Material:

    Para-aramid Composite

    Heat Range: