90-94 GC Legacy Turbo 1/8″


• Upgrade and replace the stock plastic splash shield.
• Recommended for snow covered paved roads, gravel roads and light off-roading.
• Weighs 10.3 pounds.
• Select “Aftermarket Headers” if you have headers that hang lower than stock.

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Primitive skid plates offer the best protection for the underside of your car. Rally proven and tough enough for off-road abuse. Robust enough to save you from that random piece of debris laying in the middle of the freeway. Ensures complete protection for the most vulnerable components. We have designed all our aluminum skid plates to be direct bolt on, no drilling, cutting or modifying required. When designing we consider things like approach angles, reversing over obstacles, jack-up points, ease of maintenance, and maximum ground clearance. We continue to advance, innovate and refine the segment with our new and existing designs.