Light Pod - 2 big/2 small-lamp

Lightweight Fiberglass rally light pod.  Fits two big lamps 7" to 9" in the outboard positions, made to fit PIAA 8" rally driving lens and 2 smaller 5" lamps in the center like PIAA 540's.  This pod fits the GC and GD Impreza hoods.  Smaller center lamps allows more airflow to the TMIC found on many rally cars (Top Mount InterCooler) such as WRX and STi.

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This lightpod is very lightweight and strong and a very good fiberglass construction.  NOT made in China....  Fit to your hood with our optional slide latch assemblies-our slide latch kits have the slide latch, the barrel (ferrule) and the tiny rivets needed for a complete installation.  We also carry the light pod mounting rings to mount PIAA 540 5" FOG or DRIVING lens; PIAA 580 (a 7" H3 driving lamp); or big PIAA 80 Racing (8" lamp in fog, pencil or driving pattern and accepts H4 bulbs up to 150w!  H4 bulbs have a HIGH and a LOW beam which can make the difference between winning and losing in dusty or foggy conditions).  Contact us to best serve your needs!

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Rally Proven8" Round RALLY lamps project out 1000 yards or more
Up-GradedUse slide latches to attach quickly to a hood
Extremely RuggedGood quality fiberglass construction



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