LED Reflective Technolgy Lamp. Kit contains one LED lightbar with wiring and switch.  Extremely High intensity, low draw.  Reflective LED allows a clean cut-off line for use in fog and dust and snow and projects light out further.

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  • Driving Beam -distance and fill
  • Fog / Corner Beam - wide spread

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By reflecting the LED lights back into a reflector (lens) this lamp is able to project light further than forward facing LED's and it provides a clean cut-off line to keep light from travelling upwards and reflecting back into your eyes.  Makes cheap Chinese LED lightbars seem, well, cheap.  PIAA incorporates cutting edge technology to make this product significantly better performing than most all competitors using merely forward facing LEDS.  Clever design of thier lightbars Also allows lightbars to be connected together to form a single, long lightbar with both driving and fog beam patterns. 

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Data sheet

Rally ProvenLED is low profile and low draw on altenator
Aluminumsolid extrusion and heat sink
Up-GradedBright as all heck and low amp draw
Extremely RuggedLong bulb life. Tough aluminum housing made to withstand 10g's
Hardware IncludedYes, includes the WIRING HARNESS
Installation Instructions Includedyep
Simple Installationnot too bad, depending where it gets installed



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