PIAA LP 570 7" Round LED Lamp Kit


LED Reflective Technolgy Lamp.  Contains two 7" LED lamps (18 watts) and wiring including a switch.

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By reflecting the LED lights back into a 7" reflector (lens) this lamp is able to project light further than forward facing LED's and it provides a clean cut-off line to keep light from travelling upwards and reflecting back into your eyes.  Makes cheap Chinese forward facing LED lightbars seem, well, cheap.  Without a cut-off line, most cheap forward facing LED's reflect too much light back into your eyes when dust, fog or snow hangs in the air.

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Rally ProvenRound lamps project out the best
Up-GradedBright as heck and low amp draw
Extremely RuggedLong bulb life
Installation Instructions Includedyep


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