Rally Roof Scoop/Vent

Get some extra air into your cockpit!  Order the aluminum VENT, the fiberglass SCOOP or BOTH for a discount!

Add the Stainless Steel HARDWARE KIT to help the scoop install be good and clean.

Made in USA!

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  • Both Roof Scoop and Vent
  • Just Fiberglass Scoop
  • Just Aluminum Vent
  • Get just the Helpful hardware kit for ROOF SCOOP +$8
  • Roof Scoop and Vent Combo with Hardware kit
  • Roof SCOOP and Helpful Hardware Kit only

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     Our Rally Roof Scoop works in conjunction with the roof vent described below. Made for real rally cars, as a sunroof cannot be operated with this scoop installed (without modifications). Fully formed with great, smooth finish. Fits GC and GD body styles as well as a host of other vehicles from Legacys to Toyotas.  Wide mouth helps to feed air to your roof vent, but a small air escape in  the back of the scoop reduces noise and lift when roof vent is closed.  But if you're just after that snappy rally-car look, install the scoop by itself, without cutting a hole in the roof.  Scoop measures approx 19" x 17" and  3.5" tall.  Opening in front is about 13" wide.  Add the HARDWARE KIT as a separate $8 item into your cart for the SCOOP.  It contains: qty = 4 M6 stainless steel button head capscrews, fender washers, chrome acorn nuts and washers for a clean, nice install of the scoop, all you do is add some foam body tape (camper tape ~1/8" thick) under the edges.

     The lightweight Aluminum Roof Vent attaches to the underside of your roof skin and allows fresh air to flow into the cockpit thru a 7" x 3" opening.  The lid fits tight and sits a little proud of the roofline to minimize water entry while raining and to prevent seepage when sitting in the elements.  Use with ROOF SCOOP (described above) for full effect. Opens forward to push air into cockpit (pressurizing the cabin and reducing dust entry) or also opens BACKWARD to draw air out for a more gentle airflow on transits.  Requires medium skill to install and the willingness to cut a hole in your roof.  Use body schutz or silicone sealer and rivets for best install.

Don't see what you need? Need something else or have a question about the product? Give us a call at 503-624-2139 or email at sales@get-primitive.com

Data sheet

Rally ProvenAlum vent top is 9.5" x 4" and opens forward or rearward
AluminumRoof Vent. Roof opening approx 9.25" x 3.75"
Made by PRIMITIVE proudly in the USAYes
Fiberglass Reinforced PlasticRoof Scoop. approx 19" deep and 17" at widest and 13" wide at mouth. 3.5" tall at tallest point.
Manufactured inUSA



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