Subaru EZ 36R Series Block Heater


Getting cold this winter?  Thinking of running the Alcan Winter Rally?

You need a good engine heater.  Buy this tried and true Subaru factory block heater for EZ 36R series motors

2009 -15 Tribeca, 2010 - 17 Outback and Legacy 36R

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Nice fitment.   Replace a big plug in bottom of engine with the screw in heater unit.  Run wires to the front of car.  Then plug into 110v source and it gently radiates heat to keep engine from freezing and easier to start.   Very slick 

We can also order in Subaru specific block heaters that plug into the water jacket of newer FB series motors (like FB20i in 2012+ Impreza or Crosstreks or FB25i in 2012+ Forester non-turbos.  Heats the coolant which keeps engine warm.  Very slick setup for your Subie... comes with a long cord that you can hide in the grill area for easy plug in. Contact us for FB applications.

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Data sheet

Extremely Ruggedworks well in the Arctic
Hardware Includedyep
Installation Instructions Includedyep
No Drilling!nope, all bolt in
Simple InstallationRemove a big plug in motor and screw in heater unit
Manufactured inJapan



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