Pitch Stop Rod SPT - Heavy Duty

SPT D1040FE000

SPT Heavy Duty Engine Pitch Stop Rod - bolt-in

Helps hold EJ series engine in place under high loads.

Fits 1993-2014 Impreza's and a few others with EJ engines.

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This heavy duty Pitch Stop Rod helps minimize how much the engine shifts under hard acceleration and braking.  The less power used to try to shift the engine, the more power that gets transferred to the wheels, and the faster that happens.   Same holds true for the engine mounts and the transmission mount, so swapping those out for the SPT or Cusco heavy duty versions can let you get the power to the ground fster.  Critical for autocross (where legal in the class)   It is located on the upper rear of the engine (under the airbox or intercooler on many models).

This does NOT fit newer models with FA, FB or EZ series engines.

Installed PITCH ROD

Data sheet

Rally ProvenYes, reduces engine movement transferring more power to the wheels (and more NVH)
Up-Gradedheavy duty rubber and materials
Extremely Ruggedyou bet
No Drilling!none
Simple Installationsimply replaces your soft, stock one



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