Sometimes we feel our name PRIMITIVE RACING can be a bit misleading, the racing part makes it sound like all we work on is WRX and STi rally cars but this isn’t the case at all, in fact the 2005-2009 Outback is the model we sell the most suspension parts for. The stock rear shocks and struts in particular need to be upgraded. Here are several emails that we received from CUSTOMERS who installed the King Springs and up-rated KYB struts on their Outbacks:

From Rich-R – 2005 Outback

Been a while, so I figured I’d report on the springs/struts. I got them installed just before our annual 500-mile family trek to New Hampshire, which encompasses a combination of highway, back roads, and some semi-improved streets with a fully-loaded vehicle (that’s two adults, two near-adults, and stuff for a 10-day trip). Bottom line — these are what Subaru should have put on at the factory. Gone is the wallow, gone is the rear hitting the bump stops, gone is the swaying on turns. There’s a bit more skittishness over rough roads when not loaded down, but that’s a no-brainer trade-off for the loaded handling, plus I’m taking curves faster than even in my ’96 — not to mention, the lack of dive and improved control during emergency braking is probably all that kept us from eating a tractor-trailer that pulled out in front of us on the Jersey Turnpike. I’m pushing the combination to my Outback-owning friends, so maybe you’ll sell a few more sets. I honestly feel like I’m driving a totally different car!

Thanks very much for the recommendation. Rich R.

2005-09 Outback OB King RAISING SPRINGS -only with Uprated KYB GR2


From Ron C – 2008 Outback

I installed the King rear springs and new struts front and back on my 2008 Outback 2.5i with 65K miles. The difference in ride and handling is amazing. The bouncing, boat steer, and ghost walking issues are completely gone and the car maintains a firm line through turns and corners, even with a load. Thanks for your expertise and recommendations. I highly recommend this cost effective upgrade to other Outback owners. It transforms the vehicle. We are making our annual summer trip from Los Angeles to Sun River next month. It will be great to drive the family and gear without having to wrestle the car around the roads!

Ron C

2005-09 OB Outback with LIFT KIT and Sparco Wheels -gray

And from Mark who did a number of upgrades and just went with standard height rear KING springs and retained the factory springs on the front of his 2005 OB:

Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you. I have posted on SubaruOutback.org To recap, I was experiencing ‘ghost walking” with my 2005 Outback wagon which causes the rear end to fishtail on slick roads. My Subaru was fishtailing while other cars including 2 wheel rear wheel drive were not slipping! It is felt the soft springs in the rear allow the suspension to have excessive toe. This usually occurs when there is some added weight in the rear like gear or passengers. I took the advice from the OPs and replaced the dampeners front and rear (with KYB up-rated dampeners in the rear) a rear camber kit from Whiteline and of course your King Springs. The springs kept my vehicle height the same which is what I wanted, yet gives the rear end much more stability even with weight in the rear. We had 2 additional passengers and the cargo was entirely full with gear.

Just after Christmas we went skiing in Jackson, Wyoming and I am happy to report the Subaru did great on 100 miles of snow and ice covered roads even with the added weight in the rear. I know the original set up would have created a disastrous ride home.

So I wanted to say thank you for setting me up with springs that kept my ride height the same but had a much better ability to carry the added weight. (which is just normal, 2 passengers and some gear, but Subaru’s set up failed miserably). The King Springs went on great. I was a little concerned when the Kings were quite a bit shorter than the originals, but they are great. Thanks again.

I can drive my Subaru with confidence now and it handles better on the pavement as well.


Up-rated King Spring KSRS-29 installed on 05 OBXT