Great Skidplates and Brushguard!

Hi Paul,

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the triple armour skid plates and brushbar on our 2012 Outback. Have some Lightforce auxiliary lights on it which makes the driving in our long dark winters up here in the Yukon much safer and enjoyable, definitely have helped spot the wildlife, and it’s nice having the extra protection. This will make the next trip up the Dempster Highway so much more enjoyable this winter.

The skid plates have definitely been amazing, saved us a few times on our back roads and nice keeping the gravel from pounding everything. Really like how they let you toboggan right over/through really deep snow drifts, was not even sure we would make it over some, sure made my kids giggle from the back and had the toddler going “oh oh” repeatedly!
I really appreciated that you squeezed me in during such a busy time and got everything fitted and installed on such a tight timeline. You have a great crew in your shop! Looking forward to doing some suspension upgrades and having a bit more lift in the future, especially for all the towing we do. Would love to get down to the ralleyschool sometime too.
February 14th, 2016
Added 3/12/16:  Thanks Kirk!  we just traveled up the Dalton Highway this year on the ALCAN 5000 Winter Rally.  We will do the Dempster next time.  Whitehorse was nice as always!