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Thunderbird Rally, February 19-20, 2005, Merritt, British Columbia.  Paul teamed up with rally veteran Ben Bradley to contest the 2005 T-Bird snow rally on Cooper Tires.  The team held their own in the top 10 throughout the rally and finished 8th overall with a score of 21.  Teammates Glenn Wallace and Miller Duamol won in a Subaru STi.

NorthWest Region Awards Banquet, February 26th 2005.  Teammates Paul Eklund and Jeff Price were on hand to receive the first place honors for the Class 1 Championship in the tough NorPac Region.  The pair also fought hard during the 2004 season to earn the Western States Rally Championship for the second year in a row.  Jeff Price again won the CNRC Co-Driver Championship  in the Open Class

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A lot of our customers are new to Subaru ownership having switched from bigger SUV’s or Trucks to Subaru’s because they have better fuel economy and are just simply more comfortable to drive but still have off road capability.  Subaru has built its brand around their symmetrical All Wheel Drive system which performs very well in most conditions, it’s perfectly suited for snow, gravel, mud or sand but when trails get deeper and the rocks get taller Subaru’s just don’t have the clearance needed to make it through that washout or water crossing.  We don’t want you to have to cut your adventure short or feel like you’re going to do damage to your vehicle so by popular demand we’ve worked continuously to develop products to lift your car without degrading the on road performance. Continue reading


Oil change access holes in Skidplates are a paradox that we encounter continuously at Primitive Racing.  You’re putting large holes directly under the two most vulnerable places of your engine, the main two places the Skidplate is designed to protect.  So the decision should be clear, but unfortunately not. Continue reading