Team Dynamics PRO RALLY Wheels

Team Dynamics Pro Rally Wheel

  • Lightweight but strong
  • Made to fit over most Subaru brakes
  • 15" diameter to accept RALLY TIRES and taller off-road tires
  • Comes in either 15x6 or 15x7
  • Choose your Bolt Pattern: 5x100 or 5x114.3
  • Generally have Matte Black in stock
  • Send us an email to inquire about availability of other colors
  • QTY = 1 Wheel

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Team Dynamics Pro Rally 1 wheels generally come in 2 widths, 6" wide and 7" and in numerous bolt patterns and offsets.  We tend to stock the Subaru fitments in 5x100 or 5x114.3 (STi) bolt patterns and in 40mm offset, which we have found best in most situations to fit tires and not rub....   Team Dynamic wheels are reasonable light and weight about 18lbs, are made of aluminum, and stand up to a lot of abuse.  The web design is very robust.  WE typically stock Matte Black color, but a nice anthracite and white colors are also available (a few silver sometimes too).


Team Dynamics are also made in England and not China like some "other" rally wheels.


Don't see what you need? Need something else or have a question about the product? Give us a call at 503-624-2139 or email at

Data sheet

Rally ProvenYes
Extremely RuggedYes
Manufactured inEngland



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