Rally Spill Kit

RA / Gator equivalent

Rally Spill Kit.  Extremely lightweight and contains both pads and powders to absorb OIL or CHEMICAL SPILLS if you have a shunt or mishap.  Soaks up oil like a fiend and yellow chemical pads handle COOLANT or even BATTERY ACID.   Rally Legal (and hill climbs and autocross too)

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Contains a bag of Magic Sorb (super advanced kitty litter and light as a feather), 3 big oil pads, 2 yellow chemical pads, some gloves, and a garbage bag to dispose it all in.  You likely won't ever need it, but great to ge able to offer to a team you come upon who needs a little help.  Comes tightly vacuum sealed in a small, tough package and barely weighs a pound.     Required by some rally sanctioning bodies and recommended for all competitors.

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Rally ProvenYep, unfortunately
Extremely RuggedStrong, vacuum sealed packaging



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