Rally First Aid Kit


Rally First Aid Kit.  Lightweight and contains the splints, slings and penny cutter sissors required in most North American Rally First Aid Kits.  Comes in a black nylon bag with a RED cross.     Rally Legal (and hill climbs and autocross too).  

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Has items not found in your typical drug store first aid kit (penny cutters, splints, sling).  If that time ever comes, you will want the real stuff and not a couple of old bandaids...     Required by most rally sanctioning bodies and recommended for all competitors.

  • 2 Space Blankets 
  • 2 Abdominal wound Pads ~5”x10” - 
  • 1 Pressure Bandage 4” roll  
  • 3 Triangular bandage (Sling) 
  • 2 Gauze Pads 2”x2”  
  • 3 Gauze Pads 3”x3”  
  • 3 Gauze Pads 4”x4”  
  • 25 Adhesive Bandages .5” x 3” 
  • 9 Knuckle and Fingertip Bandages  
  • 10 Butterfly Closures 
  • 1 Adhesive Tape 1” x 5 yd.  
  • 4" x 5 yd. ACE Style Bandage 
  • 2” x 5 yd. ACE Style Bandage  
  • 2 Safety pins 
  • SAM splint (easily formed splint)  
  • 1 Seat Belt Cutter  
  • Penny-Cutter scissors, improved
  • 1 pair Tweezers 
  • 1 Tongue Depressor 
  • 2 pair medical exam gloves 
  • Antiseptic (ointment or liquid)  
  • 10 Cleansing Wipes 
  • 6 Cotton Tip Applicators
  • 2 Oval Eye Pads 
  • 1 Cold Compress 
  • 1 First Aid Pocket guide

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Rally ProvenYep, unfortunately
Extremely Rugged sturdy metal box



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