From Hamish in Australia with a 2009 Forester!

Hey again,

Just wanted to give some feedback after taking the kit out for some offroading.

First of all the lift looks awesome, and really makes the vehicle stand out. The ride is better than stock with much less body roll, and it handles charging over speed humps a lot better.

Offroad the kit allowed me to take this vehicle almost anywhere. Going over humps where my father’s Navara (Nissan Frontier) with a 2″ lift scraped it’s side rails, I easily cruised over.

The lift helped me cross through deep rivers, and helped me go through ruts which were dug out by big 4×4’s.

The rear diff plate was great, and definitely copped a beating.

I have attached some pictures. Due to the fact I have a larger exhaust, I had to get the hangers for the mufflers rewelded and a spacer put in, as the exhaust was hitting the subframe.

Do you guys have any plans for anymore SH mods as I am interested in your rear trailing arm protectors and would like to save on shipping by combining it with other items.Thanks,



Hamish got KYB’s and a semi-custom 2″ Lift kit (our SH lift kit and some additional 1/2″ lift spacers) and our 3/16″ PRIMITIVE Rear diff cover for his outback adventures in his Forester…
SH Forester -outfitted -Australia - Hamish

Hamish's Well Used Rear Diff Cover from PRIMITIVE
Hamish’s Well Used Rear Diff Skidplate¬†from PRIMITIVE