Thanks for OFFERING King Springs & Struts for OUTBACK

“Joe” wrote:


I have been driving on the new suspension setup more than two months and I have to tell you that I am very glad that I made the purchase of the raised height King Springs and that I got the alternative KYB struts for the rear of my 2008 Outback.

I did not measure, but the car sits about an inch higher than my father-in-law’s 2008 Subaru Outback, so the lift is real. In the back, the wheel did move forward a little in the wheel well, but with the stock tire size (225/60/16) there is still plenty of space.

Even better than the looks of it are how the car handles. It is so responsive on corners now. No more hitting the bump stops if I want to do a little spirited driving on back roads! And back seat passengers don’t get seasick in the back now, either. I also got a utility trailer and have towed short distances a couple of times with it. With two cubic yards of mulch in tow, the King Springs absorbed the load and handled very well. Some reviewers online suggested that the KIng Springs offered a harsh ride and that has not been my experience at all. I think they are absolutely perfect on my Outback and would recommend to anyone looking for a suspension upgrade on theirs.

I did not get professional alignment but had to adjust camber myself as far as I could in the one direction to get the front wheels as straight as possible. After about 3000 miles no unusual tire wear.

Thank you again for your advice and for shipping the King Springs in a timely fashion….