” The setup is fantastic Paul, it feels like a totally different car.  Thanks so much for the guidance and help.      Regards,  -Ben ”

Ben ordered KYB struts (with up-rated rear struts) and paired with the King Raised Springs on his ’06 OBXT and appears to love it.

” Hey, I just wanted to say that I received the kit and got everything installed. Everything was spot-on and fit up perfectly. I loved how each different stage of the install had its own separate set of instructions, parts list, and photos. It was really nice to never second guess which hardware to use or what parts went where. Install was smooth sailing. Thank you so much for putting the extra time and effort to get such a great product on the market! ” -Eli  purchased  2″ Lift Kit  3/19

The team of Paul Eklund and Yulia Smolyansky lead the field at the 2018 Totem Rally (November) in Cache Creek, BC   See results below (hope formatting is not too messed up)  Conditions were slippery and variable, but MOST cars made it thru unscathed.  The team of Eklund/Smolyansky had a commanding win at Totem in 2016 in heavy snow conditions.  They finished 3rd in 2017 after an early mistake put them down by 20 seconds.

Can’t wait for the snowy THUNDERBIRD RALLY in early Feb 2019.  See www.rallybc.com for info and details!











Final Results
updated: November 18, 2018
Totem Rally,
Nov 17-18 2018
Final Results
All checkpoints entered, time decs applied
Driver Navigator Vehicle Class


Car # 3
Paul Eklund Yulia Smolyansky 2008 Subaru FXT Unlimited 24
Car # 7
Bill Walsh Marvin Crippen 2003 Mazda Protege Unlimited 32
Car # 1
Tom Kreger Cynthia Bushell 2002 subaru wrx Unlimited 34
Car # 2
Jim Bowie Tom Burgess 2002 Subaru Forester Unlimited 42
Car #11
David Fox Simon Fox 2002 Subaru WRX Calculator 44
Car # 8
Frank McKinnon Peter Schneider 2018 Ford Escape Unlimited 45
Car # 5
David Williams Geoff Hill 1997 Mitsubishi Pajero Evo Calculator 47
Car # 4
Don Gibson Ed Millman 2005 Subaru Forester Unlimited 54
Car # 9
Stephen Ban Chris Peake 2006 Subaru Legacy Calculator 66
Car # 6
Bob Chandler Mark Clemmens 2001 Audi TT Calculator 85
Car #10
Martin Kubala Josef Antal 1998 Subaru Forester Paper 311
Car #12
Steve Gunner Andrea Gunner 2007 Honda Civic Coupe Paper 660
Car #13
Taylor Moran Christopher Van Dijk 1997 Mitsubishi Evo Novice 663
Car #15
Oliver Orlie Ross Buchanan 2005 Toyota Echo Novice 810
Car #16
Nom de Plume Nom de Plume 1996 Cadillac Rallye DeVille Unlimited 1431
Car #14
Joe Simonji Brendan Brown 2006 Subaru Impreza Wagon 2.5 Novice DNF
Officials of the Event:
Route Master/Organizer: Paul Westwick paul@rallybc.com Registrar: Paul Westwick paul@rallybc.com
Steward: Alex Schubel

I get asked what makes a PRIMITIVE LIFT kit superior to other SPACER ONLY (cheaper) lift kits on the market.  The answer is pretty simple.  Our lift kits are designed around HEAVY DUTY King Springs.  This makes our lifted car HANDLE much better than a spacer only lift, AND the heavy duty nature of the springs included with the kit, allow for much more load with less sag.  Perfect for those doing OVERLANDING and loading the vehicle with people or gear or both!  Also great if towing or putting any weight on the back of the car (spare tire or gas cans, etc)  The other advantage of our kits is that they come COMPLETE with everything needed to lift and correct alignment.  You don’t have to seek out those missing pieces like other “low cost” lifts. Our kits include springs, spacers, shock extensions, PRSS (Primitive Rear Subframe Spacers), brakeline brackets, and new heavy duty rear strut tops (reinforced) in some kits.

The spacer only lifts tend to give pretty vague handling and a soft ride (which is not always bad)

We have been in business for 21 years and have plenty of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing the best Subaru accessories out there.  We carefully select the springs and components for our lifts for best ride, handling and longevity of the car.  Most Subaru dealers buy our lifts that you see in the showrooms.

Look for our brand new Ascent TRIPLE ARMOR to come out soon.  It will blow you away!

You can order SKIDPLATES online at: http://www.get-primitive.com
  1. Click on “SHOP” at the top right next to the yellow “PRIMITIVE” logo.
  2. In the blue banner select your YEAR/MAKE/MODEL/SUBMODEL and hit the “GO” button.
  3. Click the plus sign next to the “Protection/Skidplates” category in the gray panel on the left.
  4. Finally click the “Skidplate” sub-category and all the Skidplates that fit year, make, model and submodel that you’ve entered.

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From: “Chris”

Re: King STD height springs and Koni Shocks – 2008 WRX

HOLY CRAP! I am so unbelievably impressed with them. They feel great for the 4 days worth of driving I have on them now. The suspension feels more articulate and I am fully pleased with the front and rear spring rate. The ride is sporty yet supple and comfortable with a softer Koni setting, but can still feel tight and aggressive if I crank the Koni’s up. Granted, I couldn’t care less about that! Best of all, my wife is willing to ride in the WRX again! Continue reading

Hi Paul,

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the triple armour skid plates and brushbar on our 2012 Outback. Have some Lightforce auxiliary lights on it which makes the driving in our long dark winters up here in the Yukon much safer and enjoyable, definitely have helped spot the wildlife, and it’s nice having the extra protection. This will make the next trip up the Dempster Highway so much more enjoyable this winter.

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NORCAL Rally School was June 19-21st in Santa Rosa at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.  GREAT FUN  18 students had a blast!  Graduation runs, mini stage rally times, and the Sunday RallyCross scores to be posted.

The OR/WA Rally School is planned for June 26-28th in Chehalis, WA at a new, HUGE, Port of Chehalis site just off of I-5 (on Maurin Rd under power lines)  Registration ends TODAY!  (6/23)GC Impreza on King and KYB in TSD Rally

Friday evening GROUNDSCHOOL (classroom) is 4;45pm check in, and 5pm START TIME at the Best Western Chehalis.  Your first RALLY exercise is to get there on time.  We are in the conference room.

Big time HOT this weekend for the class.  Bring WATER, bring a hat, bring SUNSCREEN!

Hi Paul,

I purchased a set of Rally Triple Armor skid plates for my XV Crosstrek a month or two ago. I just wanted to say, these things have saved my XV countless times, and have more than lived up to my expectations. You make an incredibly great product, and I recommend your plates to all the new forum members, as well as my friends who have XV’s. (All my friends now have Primitive Racing skid plates) Continue reading