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  • $65.99

    Wire in this HORN kit for a LOT more sound.  Comes with a relay so you can tap into the stock horns to activate or replace the wimpy stock horn with these 2 red round purveyors of SOUND.  2 horns and the relay included in the box to give the "SUPERTONE" sound.

  • $425.00

    Replace your torn up bumper with this STi replica Made in USA, this fiberglass is well made, sturdy and gives you a front lip and big fog light openings.

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  • $559.00

    New Steel Strut Top Spacers designed for the 2015+ Outback and Legacy. Budget friendly way to lift your outback that will be great for all your off-road adventures. Kit Includes: Front & Rear steel strut top spacers, Primitive Racing rear sub frame spacer & rear brake line extension brackets. Lift about 1.5"

  • $869.00

    Complete Lift kit using the heavy duty King Springs  specific for new 2018 Crosstreks (world platform), Primitive Racing's Rear Subframe Spacer (PRSS) Alignment Kit, and all necessary hardware (shock extensions and brakeline brackets) to get the job done. Put onto your stock struts. The lift Kit lifts about 1" and firms up the car to still handle great...

  • $288.00

    Choose between the thinner 1/8" or thicker 3/16". Choose if you want the oil drain access hole. Optional Fumoto Valve. Eligible for our "Full Body Armor" and "Triple Armor" discounts when multiple Skidplates are purchased together. Fits 2018 -19 Crosstrek  models. Plates are DIFFERENT for 2013-2017 Crosstreks